Friday, 15 July 2011

There's people out there!!!

Hallo all,

Slowly understanding the workings of blogging! Have just realised I can check if my site has received any viewings through the stats tab............
Hooray I see before my own eyes that activity has been happening!! I thank you for showing an  interest. Has spurred me on to remain active on this site, so keep your eyes peeled for my next instalment of designs. X


  1. how exciting! I'm your first follower :)
    I look forward to seeing what other creations you make....I certainly love them so far! :)

  2. Excellent! Thank you for your comment Jenny, I really appreciate your support and input. Has put a big smile on my face! New designs will be posted on my site tomorrow. I am keen to check your site out, will do so after posting this. Have yourself a good day and thanks again.