Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Reaching Out........

Hello all,

In process of looking to set up a website to showcase my complete and forever growing range. Idea stage at present, however will not be long in transpiring, as always I am quick and keen to turn ideas into a reality!

Once I have done so I will be revamping the blog spot so keep your eyes peeled!! Have already started to play about with the background colours/templates. Let me know what you think? The blog spot is now looking similar to my business cards and leaflets, I'm a girl who likes to match, dont we all!!

Pushing forward with spreading the word about "The Little Things We Love" mail dropping leaflets throughout my surrounding community - If one of my leaflets has brought you to this blog spot then please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on my range.


  1. Hi thank you for popping by my blog and your lovely comment :)
    If you message me here quirkyboots(at)hotmail(dot)com i can help give a few details re blogging :) x

  2. Excellent! It's always nice to connect with fellow bloggers, you have a fab site! Look forward to hearing your tips and advice, and finding out about what led you to blogging. I'll pop you an email accross. Have yourself a great day and chat with you soon.
    Amy x