Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ready To Revamp . . . .

Hallo All,

I have been v.busy the past few days, trying out lots of different techniques to give my blog that bit of spark!
It's been a learning curve, but a satisfying one at that!

Isn't it great when you have been struggling to figure something out for a while and then you stumble accross the right way of doing it!

This was me, for the past few wks I have been bamboozled with how to change the blog background and how to add headers, yesterday if you have noticed I succeeded - My blog now looks a bit more decorative! Let me know your thoughts?!

I have also come up with a plan to keep me more active on my blog - Keep your eyes peeled for my "Named Days Of The Week" e.g I will be naming all Friday's "Fabric Fridays" my posts on Fridays will be connected to ...... Yep you guessed it Fabric! One which I am most excited about is Moodboard Monday - You will have to stop by on Monday to see what I'm talking about! X

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