Saturday, 19 May 2012

"Showcase Saturday"

Hallo All,

Life once more has interupted my efforts in blogging! Every day has brought something new, take a look at what came along last Saturday.............

Our new puppy Wallace! Wally for everyday use!!! He's a darling, the house training is somewhat time consuming however grabbing the chance just now to update the blog and show you my excuse for being silent the past wk.

Still working on getting my website up and running, things are coming along nicely and I cant wait to show you my online store where you can purchase items from the Arts of Amy Homeware Collection.

Have yourselves a lovely wknd and I will be back in a more timely fashion for this coming "Moodboard Monday" X


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    1. Thank you! Your kind comment is much appreciated.

  2. Oh my he's just gorgeous!

    1. Oh thank you!! However the interupted sleep to stand in garden at 1am, 4am and 6.30am while he goes toilet is not quite so gorgeous haha!! Hope your doing well, your soap was scrumptious, will def be looking to get some more! X